Sunday, September 8, 2013

Short Takes #2

Essays Read: The Unknown Solider by Luc Sante & In Wyoming by Marc Spragg
Responding to: The Unknown Solider by Luc Sante.

I was blown away by Luc Sante's essay, the "The Unknown Solider" - but only after getting to the end. At first, his style and prose was baffling to me. Each little section was a a concoction of often depressing events that didn't mesh together is anyway shape or form. But after I got to the end - and specifically the sentence "I am everywhere under your feet" - I had to sit there for a moment and reflect on what I had just read. It was this piece of work that - in an abstract, lucid manner - conveyed a powerful, important message.

We are all unknown soldiers, in some way, shape or form. In such few words, Sante conveyed something that, at least subconsciously, I always knew.

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